The eight states РAssam , Arunachal Pradesh ,Meghalaya , Tripura, Mizoram , Manipur , Nagaland and Sikkim are located at the north eastern part of India forms a distinguishable group for its rich ethnic culture. Those states have got a high influence of south-east Asian culture. North East are blessed with scenic natural beauty, pleasant weather, rich biodiversity, rare wild life, endangered Species , historical sites, ethnic heritage , food  and warm and welcoming people.

The region offers unforgettable memories for visitor interested in cultural and ethnic tourism, river cruises, golf and a host many more. There is also great scope for mountaineering, trekking , Biking , Cycling  and adventure tourism.

The entire area of northeast India is full of lush green valleys, mountains, springs and green vegetation. The land with its natural beauty and cultural heritage has always topped the list of an ideal destination for travellers from India and World. Vast research and studies are also done by scholars and research groups who wish to learn about the life, food habits, culture, tradition, language and source of living among the tribes. The Indian Government has also started taking keen interest in developing the living standards and tourism among these tribal occupied states.

Different ethnic groups and tribal groups inhabit the region of northeast India. They all have their own culture and tribal tradition and all speak their own tribal languages. This has made Northeast India one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world. The cuisines and attires also vary among the tribes. Each tribal community has their unique way of living. Tribal people mostly live and earn through the hills and forest areas.

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