• 3 Aug

    Krangsuri – Simply fascinating. …

    Second visit to the right place. …On our last visit in October it was green all around and rains were receeding . .this season( mid jan) it was just right for the visitors to tell a different blue water story of serenity. ..There has been a lot of improvementof the approach to the down side […]

  • 7 Jul

    The world’s longest sandstone cave

    A state known for its picturesque hilltops and natural tree root bridges is now also home to the longest sandstone cave in the world at 24,583m, with dinosaur fossils from 66-76 million years ago, HT reports. The sandstone cave named Krem Puri, near the village of Laitsohum in the Mawsynram, was first discovered in 2016, but […]

  • 6 Jul

    Monoliths From Stone Age

    Historically important to Jaintias an Amazing place but neglected by tourists This was for me one of the most fascinating places in Meghalaya. There is a huge collection of stone monoliths in a sacred spot. They are in formations and obviously have some significance which we can only guess today. Yet they are probably quite […]

  • 25 Jun

    Nokrek Biosphere Reserve

    Nokrek National Park- A supernatural area with serenity where you can spend an entire day doing nothing!. It takes about an hour to drive up to this place. But the road from the highway up to Nokrek which is about 8km is a pretty dangerous road without any hardcover. So there is a chance that […]

  • 11 Jun

    What is the Difference Between the Benefits of Agarwood Tea and Normal Tea?

    When it comes to the ways the Agarwood Tea or the Oud Tea differs from the normal tea; the very basic thing that pops in the head is that one is highly beneficial for the complete body and the other is just a beverage that is harmful in a lot of ways.

  • 7 Oct

    Smoked Tea , yes you read it right.

    Smoked Tea are available in India – Northeastern states.