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25 Jun

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve

Nokrek National Park- A supernatural area with serenity where you can spend an entire day doing nothing!. It takes about an hour to drive up to this place. But the road from the highway up to Nokrek which is about 8km is a pretty dangerous road without any hardcover. So there is a chance that the vehicle would slip during monsoons due to the slush formed on the dirt track.

However, once you are up there, there is a Forest department guest house, where the cook can be asked to prepare some amazing chicken curry and rice. While he does so, you can walk up into the national park. The park is a thick vegetation and has a very moist and warm ambiance which is why the place is very conducive for leeches.
So if you ever come to Nokrek, do NOT forget to get anti-leech lotions and also do NOT forget to tuck your pants into your socks because leeches are everywhere and will walk up to your legs and start grappling on your blood without you knowing about it.
Otherwise, this national park is preserved and maintained by the forest department and has a lot of wild animals like the wild elephants, monkeys, and other local birds.
There is also a lodge at the Nokrek peak but getting till there on foot is an arduous task and I am told that the lodge is infested with leeches again!

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