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6 Jul

Monoliths From Stone Age

Historically important to Jaintias an Amazing place but neglected by tourists

This was for me one of the most fascinating places in Meghalaya. There is a huge collection of stone monoliths in a sacred spot. They are in formations and obviously have some significance which we can only guess today. Yet they are probably quite ancient and remnants of an old way of life when wars were fought and ballads were performed in celebration of great heroes and their acts of bravery.
Some of the monoliths are very tall and others very heavy and it must have been a feat to assemble.  It is about 63 Km from Shillong Meghalaya. There are large clusters of monoliths at the place, which have been erected to mark the reign of the Jaintia Kings. It is said these monoliths are the structure laid down during1600 AD. Being neglected place, one can just walk and spend some time sitting over there. There are no restaurant or food joints on the way, as well as near to this site.

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